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Radiesse is a non-surgical injectable filler most commonly used for facial contouring and lip enhancement. It is an ideal solution to smooth and revitalize key areas of your face such as smile lines, frown lines, lines between your nose and mouth and on the upper lip. It will reduce blemishes such as acne scars and restore fullness and definition to the lips and cheeks. Radiesse is time-proven so it is safe; FDA approved, and delivers a high level of facial rejuvenation with immediate and long lasting results.

What Makes Radiesse An Ideal Solution?

The key element of Radiesse is identical to the chemical structure of calcium naturally present in the human body. Radiesse remains soft and flexible and is exceptionally compatible with the body. Typically, only one treatment is sufficient because Radiesse is not absorbed by your body and is long lasting. Radiesse does not cause any allergic reaction nor does it paralyze or act on facial muscles. Best of all, it produces results immediately that last three to five years or longer without repetitive treatments.

What Are Radiesse Treatments Like?

Treatments are performed at your doctor's office and take only about fifteen minutes. Since Radiesse is an injectable there is no surgery and only a small amount of anesthetic is needed. The Radiesse is then injected into the selected area by a tiny needle (specifically designed for cosmetic procedures) just under the skin producing results that are immediately visible.

How Will I Feel And Look After Treatment?

You can comfortably return to your normal activities after your treatment. Side effects are rare and any minor swelling or redness from the injection can be covered with make-up and usually disappears within one to two days. You can immediately expect greatly improved wrinkles, enhanced lips, or smoothed-out depressed scars.