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As we age our bodies lose natural hyaluronic acid that gives us a youthful appearance, leaving our skin looking tired and wrinkled. Juvederm®, a FDA approved hyaluronic acid injectable filler, can be used to improve skin appearance and diminish wrinkles, fine lines and folds leaving a smooth, fresh and younger appearance.

Juvederm® is a clear gel-like substance, injected by your physician into the under-eye area, folds of the cheeks, and outer corners of the mouth; it has also been used effectively for lip enhancement and cheek contouring. Juvederm® differs from other dermal fillers in that it is supple instead of rigid so it can provide a smoother, more natural appearance.

The results of Juvederm® are almost immediate and last for up to a year. Juvederm® is comprised of a natural filler substance that over time is absorbed by the body. Side effects associated with treatment are minimal and include minor pain, swelling and redness at injection sites, which typically disappear within a few days.