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The Erbium Laser has been used for treatment of various skin conditions, including aging and sun-damaged skin, for over 25 years. The laser design is specific in its ability to safely remove or noticeably decrease wrinkles and improve the overall color and skin texture of the face, neck and hands.

How Does The Erbium Laser Work?

The laser light is absorbed by water in your skin cells. The absorption in turn causes the instantaneous vaporization of the cell. As your physician passes the laser light over your skin, a mere 30 millionths of an inch of tissue is removed at a time. This incredible control allows your physician to treat only as deep as needed, from removing wrinkles to refreshing your overall skin appearance. After the damaged skin is removed, new skin quickly regrows in its place leaving you with smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin.

Does Erbium Laser Treatment Hurt?

The level of discomfort is different for every patient and also varies by the location skin surface area treated. Many patients do not request any pain medication during treatment and relate the discomfort to that of a sunburn. Other patients appreciate a topical or more extensive anesthetic. Your doctor will discuss your options with you based upon your own tolerance and the specific areas to be treated.

What Can I Expect After Erbium Laser Treatment?

After the procedure, an ointment is applied to the treatment areas for the first few days. Typically, most patients heal within the first five to seven days. However, everyone will heal at various rates depending on the depth of the treatment and the particular areas treated and your own healing rate. For several weeks following the procedure, the skin treated will be pink. Makeup can be applied as early as one week post treatment. Gradually, over a few weeks time, the pink skin will evolve into normal skin tone, unveiling a softer a more youthful appearance.